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Control, automate, and optimize full-gamut rendering

Version 6 of PDF Print Engine adds enhanced color processing controls for maximum leverage of press capabilities which increase efficiency and reproduction quality across all job types. These latest innovations will benefit commercial print production, package printing, finishing, textile manufacturing, variable printing, large format signage, and industrial applications.

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Streamlined processing for Expanded Color Gamut presses (ECG)

Utilize the full available color gamut on the press by generating multiple plates/planes beyond CMYK. 

Corporate brand colors using spectral values

Enables spectral brand colors to be color managed using the same method as the other colors in the job.

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Sophisticated image scaling

Image resampling (up-scaling and down-scaling) utilizing proprietary Photoshop algorithms.

Integration with post-press finishing

Pass cut-path vectors to post-press finishing equipment in full compliance with PDF Processing Steps international standard (ISO 19593).

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Auto-generate plates for white underlay and varnishes 

Dynamically auto-generate white underprints and varnishes from job elements at runtime.

Enhanced variable data processing for direct marketing, packaging and versioning 

Support for latest version of PDF/VT, the international standard for VDP workflow.

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Edge-to-edge printing for textile designs

Color-accurate printing to the last pixel at the edge of the press.

Support for special colors in 16-bit images

End-to-end 16-bit processing for images in all color spaces, with standard and non-standard colorants.

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Support for distributed RIP architectures utilizing more than 64 cores

Maximizes your system’s performance for peak efficiency.

Support for Apple Silicon (M1 chip) and AMD Ryzen

Support for new hardware and software platforms.

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If you have any questions, write to us at pdfprintengine@adobe.com