Adobe PostScript translates documents into print – exactly as intended. Released in 1984 as Adobe’s founding technology, PostScript played a key role in the Desktop Publishing Revolution. It was the first device-independent Page Description Language (PDL), and also a programming language. Today, enterprises around the world rely on Adobe PostScript for accurately printing documents from any application. The Adobe PostScript SDK (Software Development Kit) runs on a wide-range of operating systems and real-time platforms, and is licensed by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The graphics model at the heart of Adobe PostScript paved the way for the development of Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), and Adobe Acrobat DC. Today, PDF is widely used to share documents via email and web-sites, and to print them from smartphones and tablets. Every Adobe PostScript system today includes support for direct printing of PDF documents from mobile devices. PDF files can also be printed from laptops and desktop PCs, via the Adobe PDF Driver SDK.

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