Generating rubber tires for vehicle wheels

Today, we are exhibiting an array of samples and materials available on the Substance 3D Assets platform, all in hot pursuit of generating rubber tires for vehicle wheels.

Automotive tires for an urban setting

On the platform, you will find an extensive toolbox of modifiable parametric materials, enabling you to texture the tires of various means of transportation. The materials on display here today are focused on automotive tires for an urban setting.


The Substance 3D Assets library contains an extensive range of assets dedicated to the automotive sector. The Substance team even developed its own 3D vehicle, the X-TAON, as a means of effectively showcasing the possibilities that the Substance 3D Assets library brings to the table.


Putting the Pedal to the Metal

These parametric materials are modifiable, and include the possibility to customize parameters such as Color Variation, Grain Intensity, Side Tire Width, Tire Impact, Wear and Dirt Density, and Roughness.

Learn more about how Substance 3D Assets provides content for automotive prototyping by reading our article on our prototyping resources release.

Tweak the Designs

The Substance 3D Assets library provides everything you need to texture your tires. It’s easy to use one of the existing patterns in the asset library, and customize its parameters as required.

You are also able to tweak materials and add details directly on your meshes with Painter for more realistic results.

Beauty Inside and Out

Automative Interiors

Find out more about how the asset library is geared towards automotive interiors in our two articles on this subject: Automotive Interior Materials Part 1 and Automotive Interiors Materials Part 2.


Automative Exteriors

Vehicle exteriors have not been neglected. Learn more in our articles Automotive Exterior Materials Part 1 and Automotive Exteriors Part 2.

The assets displayed here are only a sample of what is available, and the rest can be found in the 3D Assets library.

Let’s hit the road.