Edit videos with the industry-standard film editor.

Learn how to edit raw footage in any video format with {{adobe-premiere-pro}}. From establishing shot to end credits — and every two shot and cutaway along the way — easily apply editing techniques to achieve the director’s vision.

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Editing a movie in Premiere Pro

From video clips to feature-film quality in one platform.

Edit videos for color grade, adjust sound, and import graphics and special effects from other Adobe apps. Whether you’re a professional or amateur video editor, do more with the best video editing tools.
Capturing video on a smartphone and a professional film camera

Import footage from any file format.

Easily drag and drop video files into your project. Whether you’ve shot on a DSLR, GoPro, or iPhone — or another smartphone — you can make everything from YouTube videos to features with Premiere Pro video editing software.

Trim footage with precision.

Make intuitive edits in your timeline with the Trim tool to extend or shorten clips. You can even create and edit a multicam sequence using Premiere Pro’s straightforward editing process.

Editing film digitally on multiple screens
Adding text to a video

Add animation and video effects.

Create animated motion graphics for transitions and title sequences using Motion effect controls and keyframes. Use templates or create your own with Type and Shape tools in the Essential Graphics panel.

Manage your audio editing and sound effects.

Edit or sync audio, add sound effects, and automatically duck music or ambience during dialogue with a single click in the Essential Sound panel.

Neon pink, purple, and yellow audio waves

Do more with {{after-effects}} and {{adobe-stock}}.

Take advantage of seamless integration with Mac or Windows desktops and other Adobe apps to finesse your videos.

Example of pictures available on Adobe Stock with the Adobe Stock logo

Find the footage you need.

Access the {{adobe-stock}} library while you work with the Creative Cloud Libraries panel. Pinpoint the right stock photos and video footage to make your final cut shine.

Dark, moonlit road with a hovering UFO and the Adobe After Effects logo

Add Hollywood visual effects.

Give your rough cut some Hollywood-ready visual effects. Import compositions from {{after-effects}} with ease. Any changes you make in one application are immediately reflected in the other without the need for intermediate rendering.

Hone your post-production chops.

Control workflows with user-friendly tutorials to get the most out of the industry’s premiere video software. Grow your skills no matter your current experience level.

Learn five film-editing basics.

See how easy it is to import your footage, create a sequence, add a title, adjust audio levels, and export video.

Learn how

Adjust colors and white balance.

Use the Lumetri Color panel, a cinematographer favorite, to make color adjustments to your professional video. Fix white balance, color correction, color grading, and more.

Learn how


Explore more about the filmmaking process.

From different editing styles to moviemaker best practices, discover insight that will help you craft your next short film or motion picture.

Learn the basics of a shooting script.

Dive into what’s included in a shooting script, which features every bit of info a film crew needs to get the job done.

Work every camera angle with different shots.

Discover some of the best tools in the back pocket of every cinematographer or videographer with this rundown of camera shots.

Respect the production process.

Get a look into the full video production process to better understand each step from screenwriting to special effects.

Explore the ins and outs of post-production.

Learn about the ins and out of the filmmaking process that takes place after principal photography.

Discover editing tips, techniques, and tools.

Take your skills to the next level — learn about editing tools, both audio and visual, to grow your ability in {{premiere-pro}}.

Two editors work together to edit a video

Improve your editing skills.

Learn how to spin raw footage into gold with these tips that will help you on your quest to become the best-possible video editor.

Manipulating audio to match the video

Keep your sound spot on.

Explore how to keep your film’s sound on point with audio editing techniques. Learn how to fine-tune everything from music videos to indie films in {{premiere-pro}}.

A picture of an egg on a pile of string with effects applied

Add video effects to your project.

Learn about advanced features for video and special effects to adjust color, fix shaky footage with video stabilization, and more.

Adding audio effects to a movie clip

Tap into audio effects.

Discover how to balance dialogue in your footage with music, sound effects, and more.