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ColdFusion Enterprise
(2023 Release)

ColdFusion Standard
(2023 Release)

API Monitoring dot half  
API Version and Lifecycle Management dot half  
Central Configuration Server dot half dot half
LDAP and SAML Integration dot half dot half
Security Code Analyzer dot half  
SOAP to REST Translation dot half  
Asynchronous CFML Gateway dot half Restricted Functionality
High-Scalability Email Engine dot half  
JWT Integration in CF dot half dot half
Cloud Storage Services (AWS, Azure and GCP) dot half dot half
JEE Package Deployment (EAR/WAR) dot half  
Web-Based Multi-Instance Manager dot half  
Web-Based Cluster Manager dot half  
Enterprise Database Drivers dot half  
Instance Clustering dot half  
GraphQL Client dot half dot half
Multiple Server Instances dot half  
Operating System Virtualization Support dot half  
Cluster Support for HTML5 Web Sockets dot half  
HTML to PDF  dot half dot half
API Access Control dot half  
API Rate Limiting and Thro­ling dot half  
API Developer Portal dot half  
Request Limit Management dot half  
RSA FIPS 140–Compliant Strong Cryptology dot half  
Cluster Support for Scheduled Tasks dot half  
Chaining of Scheduled Tasks dot half  
Application Specific Scheduled Tasks dot half  
Server-Side Printing dot half Restricted Functionality
Online Presentation Generation dot half Restricted Functionality
PDF ‑File Generation From HTML dot half Restricted Functionality
PDF Form Processing dot half Restricted Functionality
PDF Document Manipulation dot half Restricted Functionality

Restricted features in ColdFusion Standard Edition: Enterprise features run through the Enterprise Feature Router (EFR). These features run in the Standard edition. However, all features running through the EFR are limited to one shared simultaneous request