How to sign documents on an iPhone.

With an electronic signature on your iOS device, you can ensure important documents get signed with ease, even when you’re on the move.

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Use your mobile device to keep workflows agile.


From the home office to the grocery store to the golf course, your location shouldn’t affect your ability to share signed documents. Faster and more secure than sending contracts by mail, Acrobat Sign simplifies your life. Mark up and sign PDFs with only your fingers and an iPhone.


Discover e-signatures powered by Adobe Acrobat Sign

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How to sign documents on your iPhone.


Download Acrobat from the app store on your iPhone to get started. Then follow these simple steps: 





Open a PDF file in the Acrobat mobile app. 





Tap the pencil icon in the lower right corner of your screen.





Select Fill & Sign.





From the available options, tap the Draw icon (which looks like a fountain pen).





Select Create Signature.





From the options, select Draw and use your finger (or an Apple pencil or other stylus) to write your signature.





Click Done to save your digital signature for future use.



Now you can move and resize your digital signature to fit anywhere on the document, all within the app.

This same process can be used to sign documents on an iPad, on an iPod Touch, or even with the trackpad and cursor on a Mac desktop.  

A graphic of commenting in a document on an iPhone

How to annotate documents on your iPhone.


If you see changes that need to be made in a PDF document before you sign, there’s no need to collect screenshots of the issues and hop on the phone. Use markup features in the Acrobat app to note them on the document itself with these steps: 





Once your document is open in the Acrobat mobile app, tap the pencil icon in the lower right corner of your screen.





Select Comment.





With the available markup tool options, you can use your fingers or a stylus to highlight, strike through, or underline text. You can also add notes and comments or draw and erase handwritten notes, arrows, circles, etc.





When finished, click Done in the upper left corner of the screen.





Select the ellipsis icon in the top right of the screen and choose Save to Document Cloud to make the notes accessible to everyone who has access to the document.

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Save time and money with Adobe Acrobat Sign.


Acrobat powered by Adobe Acrobat Sign is the in-your-pocket solution for signature woes. According to a commissioned Forrester Consulting study, Adobe Acrobat Sign reduced the time its users spent getting documents signed and finalized from seven days to two hours. That’s 96 percent less time spent on the collection of new signatures and an average savings of $6 per document processed. 


Everything moves faster with signature and markup tools that can be easily used from anywhere.


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