Sales receipts: what they are and what to include.

Learn what sales receipts are, why we need them, and what you should include on them.

When you make a sale for your business, you must record it. A sales receipt serves as proof of money exchanging hands. Here we’ll explain the definition of a sales receipt in closer detail and what you should include on it.

What is a sales receipt?

A sales receipt is a transaction record that the seller issues at the time of sale to verify the provided product or service and the amount the buyer paid. You'll often need sales receipts for tax calculation and inventory management, while your customers can use them for reimbursement or accounting purposes.

What are the types of receipts?

Sales receipts can be either physical or digital. Both fulfill the same purpose and include several receipt types, such as:

What to include on a receipt.

Include at least the following information on your sales receipts:

How to make writing receipts easier.

Digital receipts are faster to write than paper ones, and they also save trees and ink. Adobe Sign integrates with many sales tools and lets you send receipts to multiple recipients, track documents, request e-signatures, and more.

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