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The following types of Contribute downloads are available on this page.

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Downloads for Contribute CS4

This updater delivers the:

1. Workaround for Contribute CS4 not responding issue when launching on Mac OS 10.5.x with Safari version 3.2.1.

2. Adobe Contribute plug-in for Firefox 3 on Macintosh. This plug-in update is for all users of the Contribute CS4 on Macintosh who use Firefox 3.

With this you can edit pages directly in your Firefox 3 web browser on Macintosh without having to open the Contribute desktop application.

For details please refer to the details provided in the tech note at

Downloads for Contribute 3.x

Contribute 3.11

The Contribute 3.11 update contains a change to the activation/serialization process as well as a number of minor bug fixes.

This update is for all users of the English version of Contribute on all platforms. Full Release Notes are available.

IMPORTANT:  Contribute 3.11 will ask you to re-enter your serial number, please copy your serial number from within the program or you may find it in your original documentation.

Contribute 3.1 Updater

This product updater delivers several powerful improvements to Contribute 3 including the ability to create "sub-sites" and the ability to connect to a Breeze server. For a comprehensive list of improvements, please see "What's New in Contribute 3."

This update is for all users of the English version of Contribute on all platforms. Full Release Notes are available. This updater updates the Contribute version to 3.1. You can check your product version number by selecting the Help > About menu.

Important: Do not uninstall Contribute to add this updater. The updater installs over your current version.

Trial users: If you have a trial version of Contribute 3, you can download and install the updater.

Note: This updater is not for users of Contribute 3 for eBay.

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Contribute 3.01 Updater (Japanese Only)

There is a known issue with Double-Byte characters in Form Input tags, where characters become corrupted upon publishing the page. If you have pages of this type on your website, you should download and install this updater.

Downloads for Contribute 2.x

Contribute 2.01 Updater

The Contribute 2.01 updater fixes issues identified in the Windows (English only) release of Contribute 2. This updater should be installed by Windows users running the English version of Contribute 2.

Other Downloads

FlashPaper 1.02 Updater

This updater fixes an issue that was introduced with the Macromedia Contribute 2.01 updater. The version of FlashPaper that is included with the 2.01 updater will not print properly in certain cases. Only users that have run the Contribute 2.01 updater should run this updater.

Contribute Quick Start Guide

The simple Quick Start Guide shows new users how to get started fast.

Dreamweaver MX Updater for Contribute

The Dreamweaver MX Updater for Contribute includes performance improvements and enables collaboration with Macromedia Contribute. In addition, several outstanding issues discovered since the release of Dreamweaver MX have been addressed in this updater.

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