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Edit a symbol and style on the pages

1 From the Library panel in the Document window, double-click the Australia symbol icon. The symbol opens for editing in a separate window.
2 Choose Window > Tile Vertical so you can see both windows.
3 In the Document window, choose Fit All from the status bar so you can see all pages in the document.

4 In the symbol-editing window, select the symbol, click the Fill Color pop-up menu, and choose red. The symbol and all instances in the Document window update to reflect the change.

5 Close the symbol-editing window to return to the Document window.
6 From the Styles panel, select the Body Text style, click the triangle in the upper right corner of the panel to open the Options pop-up menu, and choose Edit.
7 In the Edit Style dialog box, choose Times New Roman from the Font pop-up menu, choose Compass Logo from the Color pop-up menu, and click OK.

The body text on all child pages updates to reflect the changes.
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