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Using the Graphic Hose tool for quick grid spacing

Use the Graphic Hose tool to quickly tile an area with duplicates of an object.

To tile an area with a graphic hose:

1 Copy the object you want to tile to the Clipboard.
2 Double-click the Graphic Hose tool in the Xtra Tools toolbar to display the Hose window.
3 Choose New from the pop-up menu to create a new graphic hose.
4 Click Paste In to add the object to the graphic hose.
5 Click Options, then choose Grid from the Spacing pop-up menu.
6 Enter a value in the text box below the Spacing pop-up menu to vary the spacing of the tiled objects.
7 Drag the Graphic Hose tool to tile an area.
For more information on graphic hoses, see the corresponding section in FreeHand Help or the Using FreeHand manual.

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