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Reducing redraw time for blends

Blends take longer to redraw than most other objects. You can reduce redraw time by using the Object inspector to temporarily set the number of blend steps to three. When you complete your drawing, replace all three-step gradients with thirty-step gradients.

Blends with 3 steps (left) and 30 steps

To replace three-step gradients with thirty-step gradients:

1 Choose Edit > Find and Replace > Graphics.
2 Choose Blend Steps in the Attributes pop-up menu.
3 Enter 3 in the Apply to Blends With text box.
4 Choose Change in the Change/Resample pop-up menu.
5 Enter 30 in the bottom pop-up menu.
6 Choose Document in the Change In pop-up menu.
7 Click Change.
For more information on working with blends, see the corresponding section in FreeHand Help or the Using FreeHand manual.

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