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The Duplicate command duplicates not only objects, but transformations (move, scale, skew, reflect, and rotate) to duplicated objects. For example, you can move, scale, or skew a duplicate, and the transformation will be applied to successive duplicates. You can also combine several transformations for duplication.

Note: You cannot combine scaling and skewing during power-duplication.

Objects power-duplicated by moving, rotating, and scaling

To power-duplicate objects:

1 Select the object or objects.
2 Choose Edit > Duplicate.
3 Transform the object(s) by choosing one or more of the following:
Modify > Transform > Scale
Modify > Transform > Move
Modify > Transform > Rotate
Modify > Transform > Reflect
Modify > Transform > Skew
4 Without deselecting the duplicated object, choose Edit > Duplicate again, as many times as you want to duplicate the selected object.
For more information on duplicating, see the corresponding section in FreeHand Help or the Using FreeHand manual.

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