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Use the Action tool

The Action tool lets you assign a Flash action to an object. When you export the FreeHand document as a Flash movie, users can click the object to perform the action you assigned.

Use the Action tool to assign a Go To and Stop action to the screen of the handheld organizer. In the Flash movie you'll create later, the handheld organizer will respond when you move the mouse over the screen.

1 In the Tools panel, select the Action tool.

2 Position the pointer over the screen of the handheld organizer on page 1, and then drag.
The pointer changes to a target pointer, and a link line extends from the screen object to the pointer.
3 Drag the pointer over page 2.
An outline appears around page 2 to indicate that it is the target page.
4 Release the mouse button.
An action proton appears at the lower right corner of the screen object and a blue link line extends from the screen object to page 2.

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