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Use the Navigation panel

Use the Navigation panel to create or edit Flash actions associated with FreeHand objects. In this example, you'll edit the Flash action you just created, then you'll assign a Print action to the screen object on page 2. When you play the resulting Flash movie, you can print by clicking on the screen of the handheld organizer.

1 If the Navigation panel is not already open, select Window > Navigation.

2 Click the Event pop-up menu and select On (Over).
In the resulting Flash movie, the handheld organizer will now respond to the mouse pointer when it moves over the screen.
Next, create a Flash action to display the imported SWF movie on page 3.
3 In the Tools panel, select the Pointer tool.
4 Click the screen object on page 2 to select it.
5 Click the Action pop-up menu and select Go To and Stop.
An action proton appears at the lower right corner of the screen object.
6 Click the Parameters pop-up menu and select Page 3.
A blue link line extends from the screen object to page 3.
7 Click the Event pop-up menu and select On (Release).
In the resulting Flash movie, page 2 will appear when you position the mouse over the handheld organizer's screen. When you click on the screen, page 3 will appear and display an animation.
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