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Change movie settings

FreeHand lets you customize the way your FreeHand documents are exported as Flash movies. The current FreeHand file contains multiple layers. In this circumstance, you want the layers to appear as single frames. Also, this document contains a page that's not needed in the animation. Use the Movie Settings dialog box to adjust the settings for your Flash movie.

1 Select Window > Movie > Settings.
The Movie Settings dialog box appears. Use this dialog box to determine how FreeHand translates layers and pages into Flash movie frames.

2 For Layers, select Flatten.
This causes all of the layers on each FreeHand page to merge into a single frame.
3 For Page Range, enter a range of 1 to 3.
This causes FreeHand to ignore the unused page 4, thereby reducing file size in the movie.
4 Click OK.
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