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Using the grid and guides

FreeHand's grid and guides are powerful tools for creating consistent animations. The grid is a nonprinting background of vertical and horizontal dotted lines. Guides are nonprinting guidelines for precisely aligning and placing objects.

To use the grid:

1 Choose View > Snap to Grid to activate the grid.
2 Choose View > Grid > Edit and enter a grid size in the text box.
The grid size restricts objects to their same relative position within each grid cell.

To use guides:

1 Choose View > Page Rulers > Show to display the page rulers.
2 Do one of the following:
Click on either the horizontal or the vertical page ruler and drag the resulting guide to the desired location on the FreeHand page.
Draw a path and move it to the Guides layer.
3 To change the guide's location, either drag it or choose View > Guides > Edit and enter the desired position in the Edit Guides dialog box.
4 Choose View > Snap to Guides to make objects snap to guides.
For more information on using grids and guides, see Using FreeHand or FreeHand Help.

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