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Creating the database connection

Next, you create a connection to the database located on Bubbles, the development server. In a previous section, you created a DSN called arrow on the server pointing to the arrow.mdb database. In this section, you use Sun's JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver to take advantage of that DSN.

Note: You should not use the JDBC-ODBC Bridge driver when you deploy the application because it only supports single threading. For more on the driver's limitations, see article 12409 on Allaire's Web site.

To create the database connection:

1 In UltraDev, you open a blank page in the Arrow site and choose Connections from the Modify menu.
The Connections dialog box appears.
2 You click the New button and select "Sun JDBC-ODBC Driver (ODBC Database)" from the pop-up menu.
3 You enter connArrow as the new connection's name.
4 You replace the [odbc dsn] placeholder in the URL box with arrow.
5 Because you're using Windows, you select the Using Driver on Application Server option.
Macintosh users always use the driver on the application server, so they don't see this option.
The completed dialog box looks as follows in Windows:
6 You click Test to verify the connection.
UltraDev successfully connects to the database. If the connection failed, you would double-check the DSN. If the connection still failed, you would check your URL prefix in the Application Server category of the Site Definition dialog box.
7 You click OK, then Done to close the Connections dialog box.
In your site's local root folder, UltraDev creates a Connections folder containing all the information necessary to connect to the database on the development server. You zip up the Connections folder to e-mail it to team members.

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