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Enabling source control

UltraDev provides a basic source control feature. You enabled this feature when you instructed each team member to select the Check In/Out option in the Remote Info category (see Setting up team members).

With this feature enabled, a team member must check out a file before he or she can work on it. Checking out a file is the equivalent of declaring, "I'm working on this file now—don't touch it!" When the member is finished with the file, he checks it back in and others can now edit it.

When a file is checked out, UltraDev displays a checkmark next to the file's icon in the Site window. A green checkmark means the file is checked out by you; a red checkmark means the file is checked out by another team member.

The Site window also displays the name of the person who checked out the file. If a team member forgets to check a file back in, you can e-mail the absent-minded colleague by clicking his or her name in the Site window.

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