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Adding recordset navigation links

Next, you must add a set of recordset navigation links to the page to let users move from one set of records to the next. For example, after designing a page to display 10 records at a time, you would add links such as "Next Records" or "Previous Records" to let users see the next or previous 10 records

UltraDev lets you create four types of navigation links to move through a recordset: First, Previous, Next, Last. You can create all four links in a single operation with the Recordset Navigation Bar live object. After placing the navigation bar on the page, you can use the UltraDev design tools to customize the bar.

To create a recordset navigation bar with the live object:

1 Place the insertion point at the location on the page where you want the navigation bar to appear.
2 Choose Insert > Live Objects > Recordset Navigation Bar.
The Insert Recordset Navigation Bar dialog box appears.
3 Choose the recordset to navigate.
Your results recordset should be selected by default.
4 Select text or image links.
With Live Data turned off, the text version of the navigation bar created by the live object looks like this:


The image version looks like this:


Once the bar is on your page, you can customize the bar's appearance and layout by using the Dreamweaver design tools. In the image version of the bar, UltraDev uses its own image files. If you want, you can replace them with your own image files after placing the bar on the page.
5 Click OK.
UltraDev inserts your chosen recordset navigation bar in the page and adds the following server behaviors to the page:

A set of "Move to" server behaviors. When the page is displayed in a browser, clicking one of the navigation links causes one of these server behaviors to display another page of results.
A set of "Show Region" server behaviors. For example, when the first record in the recordset is displayed, these server behaviors show only the Next and Last links; the Previous and First links are hidden because they serve no useful purpose. Conversely, when the last record in the recordset is displayed, the server behaviors show only the First and Previous links or images.

You can now upload the results page to the server along with your search page, then test the page in your browser.

Note: The navigation links do not work in the Live Data window.

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