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Displaying the session information on the page

After storing the information in the session variable, you can display it in your pages by defining it as a data source in UltraDev, then dragging the data source from the Data Bindings panel to the page.

To display the session information on the page:

1 In UltraDev, open the Data Bindings panel by choosing Window > Data Bindings.
2 Click the plus (+) button and choose Session Variable from the pop-up menu.
3 In the Session Variable dialog box, enter the name of the variable you defined in the source code.
In the example in this article, the name of the session variable is exchange.

4 Click OK.
The newly defined data source appears in the Data Bindings panel.

5 Drag the session variable from the Data Bindings panel to your page.
Here's what a page looks like after dropping the exchange variable on it:

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