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Displaying session variables in UltraDev

This article describes how to display session variables on a page using the Data Bindings panel in Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev.

Session variables are used to store information and make it available to all the pages in the application for the duration of the user's visit. The server creates a different session for each user and maintains it for a set period of time or until the session is explicitly terminated. For more information on session variables, see Using session variables in your Web application.

Aside from a possible source of content for the page, displaying session variables can be useful if you want to keep track of the values stored in these variables when developing and debugging your Web application. When you're ready to deploy the application, removing the session variable from the page's display is quick and easy.

Here are the topics covered in this article:

Gathering the information to store in a session variable
Storing the information in a session variable
Displaying the session information on the page
Working with session variables in Live Data view
Removing session variables from the page's display

Note: In ColdFusion, you must first enable session variables by setting SESSIONMANAGEMENT="Yes" in the CFAPPLICATION tag in your Application.cfm file, as follows: <CFAPPLICATION NAME="MyApp" SESSIONMANAGEMENT="Yes">.

11 June 2001

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