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Installing the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)

You can download the JRE from Sun's Web site either as a stand-alone package or as part of the Java 2 Software Developer Kit (SDK). Although the stand-alone package is smaller and faster to download (6 MB versus 21 MB), we recommend downloading the Java SDK bundle because it offers more features and functionality, including a JDBC driver that lets you easily connect to ODBC data sources such as Microsoft Access databases.

If the Java SDK is installed on your system but you aren't sure of its version, choose Start > Run and type cmd to open a DOS window. At the C: prompt, type java -version.

Note: Note: Java version 1.2 is the same as Java 2.

To download the Java 2 SDK, go to Sun's SDK download page. After downloading the installation file, double-click it to run the installer. Follow the onscreen instructions and make sure the Java 2 Runtime Environment component is selected from the Select Component dialog box. It should be selected by default, as follows:

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