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Installing JRun Server Developer Edition

Before you begin, make sure PWS or IIS is installed on your Windows system.

To install JRun Server Developer Edition, double-click the installer file in the JRun folder on the UltraDev CD, or the installer file you downloaded. Follow the onscreen instructions and note the following:

You don't need a serial number to continue. Leave the field blank.
In the Install JRun Services dialog box, leave the checkbox selected only if you want JRun to start every time you reboot your machine.
If you use UltraDev to build a mix of ASP, ColdFusion, or JSP applications, then you might prefer to manually start JRun only when you need it. If this is the case, deselect the checkbox.
If you use UltraDev exclusively to build JSP applications, then you may prefer JRun to start automatically every time you start your system. If this is the case, leave the checkbox selected.
In the JRun Management Console Admin Port dialog box, accept the default port number of 8000.
The JRun Web Server, a native Web server used only to run the JRun administration pages, will listen on this port for the JRun Management Console (JMC), JRun's administrative Web application.
In the JRun Setup Complete dialog box, select "Configure JRun to connect to my external web server now," then click Finish.

After a pause, the JMC appears and prompts you to enter a username and password.

The next section of this article describes how to use the JMC to establish a channel of communication between JRun and your Web server.

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