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Creating a database connection on the Macintosh

After you successfully install both the client and server components of the RmiJdbc driver, you're ready to create a database connection to the Access database located on your Windows NT Server system.

You need to define two related connections if you're working on a Macintosh:

A run-time connection for your pages once they're uploaded and running on the NT Server system
A design-time connection for UltraDev while you work on the pages on the Macintosh

Note: This section assumes you created a DSN called mydatabase on the server. See Setting up a DSN in Windows NT Server. The section also assumes you're working on an ASP site.

To create the run-time database connection:

1 In UltraDev, open any document, including a blank document.
2 Choose Connections from the Modify menu.
The Connections dialog box appears.
3 Click New to open the Define Connection dialog box.
4 On the Run-Time tab, enter a name for the connection.
5 In the Type pop-up menu, select ADO (ODBC Data Source Name).
6 In the DSN text box, enter mydatabase.
Leave the Define Connection dialog box open for now. You'll create the design-time database connection next.

To create the design-time database connection:

1 In the Define Connection dialog box, click the Design-Time tab.
2 Deselect the Same as Run-Time option.
3 In the Type pop-up menu, select JDBC.
4 Complete the rest of the text boxes as follows:
Driver: RmiJdbc.RJDriver Username: my_username (optional)
Password: my_password (optional)
URL: jdbc:rmi://my_server_name/jdbc:odbc:mydatabase
where mydatabase is the DSN you set up on the NT Server system. Your server name (my_server_name) can be an IP address such as, or a text string such as ANAKIN. If you're unsure of the server's name, consult your system administrator.
5 If you want to test the design-time connection, click Test.
A message box should appear saying the connection was made successfully.
6 Click OK.
Your new connection should now appear in the Connections dialog box.
7 Click Done to close the Connections dialog box.
You can now create recordsets in UltraDev using this connection.

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