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Creating a database connection on the Windows client

If you're running UltraDev on a Windows client, you would rarely, if ever, attempt to connect to an Access database using the RmiJdbc driver. In most cases, you would simply use the standard Microsoft Access driver.

If for any reason you should want to use the RmiJdbc driver to connect to the Access database located on your Windows NT Server system, make sure the RmiJdbc driver is properly installed on the server and on your Windows client. You also need to define two related database connections in UltraDev:

A run-time connection for your pages once they're uploaded and running on the NT Server system
A design-time connection for UltraDev while you work on the pages on the Windows client

Note: This section assumes you created a DSN called mydatabase on the server. See Setting up a DSN in Windows NT Server. The section also assumes you're working on an ASP site.

To create the run-time database connection:

1 In UltraDev, open any document, including a blank document.
2 Choose Connections from the Modify menu.
The Connections dialog box appears.
3 Click New to open the Define Connection dialog box.
4 On the Run-Time tab, enter a name for the connection.
5 In the Type pop-up menu, select ADO (ODBC Data Source Name).
6 In the DSN text box, enter mydatabase.

Leave the Define Connection dialog box open for now. You'll create the design-time database connection next.

To create the design-time database connection:

1 In the Define Connection dialog box, click the Design-Time tab.
2 Deselect the Same as Run-Time option.
3 In the Type pop-up menu, select JDBC.
4 Complete the rest of the text boxes as follows:
Driver: RmiJdbc.RJDriver Username: my_username (optional)
Password: my_password (optional)
URL: jdbc:rmi://my_server_name/jdbc:odbc:mydatabase
where mydatabase is the DSN you set up on the NT Server system. Your server name (my_server_name) can be an IP address such as, or a text string such as ANAKIN. If you're unsure of the server's name, consult your system administrator.
5 If you want to test the design-time connection, click Test.
A message box should appear saying the connection was made successfully.
6 Click OK.
Your new connection should now appear in the Connections dialog box.
7 Click Done to close the Connections dialog box.
You can now create recordsets in UltraDev using this connection.

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