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About tables and placeholders

In the Document window, UltraDev uses placeholders to represent dynamic content. For example, zip code information drawn from a database could be represented by a placeholder such as {rsFranchises.fZip} , where rsFranchises is the name of the recordset and fZip is the name of a field in that recordset. These placeholders may distort the size of table elements.

For example, here's how you might envision a table of franchise locations:

Here's how the completed table might look with placeholders for dynamic content:

The placeholders widen the columns, making it difficult to visually judge the actual width of the columns. The placeholders may also prevent you from dragging a table border to make the table narrower.

To visually resize tables that contain placeholders, you can work in the Live Data window or the Document window, as described in the rest of this article.

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