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Create online forms

Create an online form.


Using the web forms feature in Adobe Sign makes it easy to turn PDFs and other documents into online forms.


Learn how to create online forms

How to add a signature to PDF

Sign a PDF with a digital signature.


In six simple steps, you can create, apply, preview, and authenticate a digital signature for a PDF file.


See how to use digital signatures with PDFs

How to create an e-signature

Create an electronic signature.


Skip the paper. Start signing documents faster and more efficiently using e-signatures. 


Learn how to create an e-signature

How to add a signature in word

Sign a Microsoft Word document.


Adobe Sign and Microsoft Word are super compatible. It’s easy to add an e-signature to a Word document.


Learn about using Adobe Sign with Microsoft Word

Sign electronically

What’s an e-signature?


An e-signature is a legal way to sign digital documents and can replace handwritten signatures in just about any process. 


Learn about e-signatures

Certificate-based digital signature

What’s a certificate-based digital signature?


A certificate-based digital signature is a specific type of e-signature that complies with the strictest legal regulations.


Learn about certificate-based digital signatures

Sign contract

Create online contracts.


Route contracts and collect legally binding e-signatures using Adobe Sign. It’s fast, easy, and compliant. 


Learn how to move contracts online

Send documents securely

Safe and flexible.


Our e-signatures meet the most demanding compliance laws and security requirements around the world.


Learn about Adobe Sign security

Sign electronic document

Take your forms online with Adobe Sign.


Turn PDFs and documents into online forms for a variety of business purposes, and make them easily accessible to all who need them.