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ColdFusion Enterprise (2018 Release)

ColdFusion Standard (2018 Release)


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Cluster support for HTML5 web sockets

Port80 support for HTML5 web sockets

SSLv3 support for HTML web sockets

HTML5 charts

Built-in HTML5 videoplayer

Fall back from HTML5 to Adobe Flash technology and vice versa

Skinning support for HTML5 videoplayer

Support for events and JavaScript interface for HTML5 videoplayer

Geo-location capability with CFMAP

Suport for HTML5 input types

Support for websocket protocol on server

Interface for publish and subscribe using web socket

Restricted functionality

Custom styles for HTML5 charts

* - On Standard Edition, the maximum limit of threads that can be spawned via CFTHREAD is 10. Threads created by CFTHREAD in excess of this are queued.There is no such limit on Enterprise Edition

** - Data can be pushed to no more than five clients on Standard, unlimited on Enterprise

— Restricted features in ColdFusion Standard Edition: Enterprise features run through the Enterprise Feature Router (EFR). These features run in theStandard edition. However, all features running through the EFR are limited to one shared simultaneous request