How to Convert a Google Doc to a PDF.

Converting your Google Doc to PDF is a safe, fast and secure way to lock down the document and share with colleagues, clients and potential employers. PDFs are ideal for sharing files like CVs, contracts and work documents. You can also turn documents created in Google into a PDF as simply as those you create in Word.


Discover how to convert a Google Doc to a PDF in our handy guide.

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Quick list: how to convert a Google Doc to a PDF.

Converting a Google Doc to a PDF is simple and straightforward. Here’s a quick rundown of the main steps.

1. Getting started. Sign into Google Docs. Open your document or create a new document.


2. Save as PDF. For saving and sharing, click File, then Download and select PDF from the list.

3. Email a PDF. For email, click File > Email, then choose Email This File. Select PDF from the drop-down at the bottom of the box.

4. Access your PDF. Whether saved on your laptop or ready to share via email, you now have your PDF.


In detail: converting a Google Doc to PDF step by step.

So that’s the short version. We’ll now give you the detailed step by step of how to convert a Google Doc to a PDF.

1. Open your Google Docs file.

2. Go File and select Email This File.

3. Select PDF from the drop down menu at the bottom.

4. Type the recipient’s email in the address bar. 

5. Write the email copy and subject line.

6. Hit Send.

  • Tip: Tick the send yourself a copy button to get the email - and the PDF attachment - sent to your inbox

How to save a Google Doc as PDF.

You may want an actual copy of the PDF you’re creating - perhaps for your digital or paper records or to send to someone in the post. For such cases you need to follow the steps to save a Google Doc as a PDF.

1. Open your Google Docs file or create new one.

2. Ensure the document is finalised.

3. Go the File > Download > PDF.

4. Find the PDF file in your desktop Downloads folder.

5. Save the PDF in the folder of your choice.


Benefits of turning a Google Doc into a PDF.

There are many benefits of converting Google Docs to PDFs. We’ll briefly cover some key advantages.

  • Universally recognised and trusted. PDFs are the format of business and have been for years, since they were invented in the early 1990s. Businesses across the globe trust the file format with their contracts, reports and other sensitive documents.
  • Goodbye printing and version control. Combine Google Docs and Adobe Acrobat to say goodbye to multiple versions and print outs. Google Docs use master versions that update in real time. PDFs, which can be emailed direct from Google Docs, can be signed electronically in Acrobat.
  • Accessible anywhere. By working with Adobe Acrobat and Google Docs, you know your PDF will be accessible from pretty much anywhere. Colleagues and clients can pick them up on their smartphones or while hot-desking in your Hong Kong office.


Before getting started, check out our frequently asked questions on turning your Google Doc into a PDF.

How do I electronically sign a PDF?

Electronic signatures are one of the main advantages of PDFs. You can e-sign your PDF in a few simple steps:  

1. Open the PDF with Adobe Acrobat or Reader

2. Find the Fill and Sign toolbar and hit the Sign icon

3. Choose whether you want to use your full signature or initials

4. Type your name or digitally sign the Signature panel 


Get the full step-by-step guide to e-signing your PDF.


How do I convert a Google Doc to a PDF?

Converting a Google Doc to a PDF is easy. You download the Google Docs file as a PDF by following this path: File > Download > PDF Document.


You then have the PDF version saved in your Downloads folder on your laptop or desktop. You can also send Google Docs as PDFs direct from your email - ideal for sharing CVs when applying for a job.


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