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Creative video teams like Oxcart Assembly are producing more content than ever to meet the growing demand of consumers and clients. But traditional production processes aren’t always sufficient to keep pace with increasing demand. With the right tools and solutions, video teams can eliminate collaboration friction points, improve workflows and communicate more effectively to scale production without losing creativity.


Watch the on-demand webinar, Launching a NASA Campaign: Oxcart Assembly + During this event, expert Shawn McDaniel will chat with Oxcart Assembly cofounders Jeffrey Jetton and Tony Gardner to unpack how their agency used on a major video project for NASA and how collaborative cloud-based tools have continued to speed up and scale their video processes.


During this fireside chat, you’ll learn how:


  • Centralised communication and organisation can help disparate and remote teams collaborate and manage video projects from concept to final cut
  • The right tools can cut down collaborative friction points and increase speed of production
  •’s capabilities support Oxcart as they create large-scale campaigns for clients like NASA and RepresentUs
  • changes the way video teams around the globe collaborate internally and with stakeholders to produce creative content




Jeffrey Jetton
Cofounder and CEO
Oxcart Assembly


Tony Gardner
Cofounder and Principal
Oxcart Assembly




Shawn McDaniel
Instructional Media Specialist