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Adobe invites you, as a colleague from the DPE Public Websites and Personalisation & Messaging teams, to the Customer Experience Centre in London Shoreditch with a view to sharing ideas and progress.

A unified digital foundation helps you meet every customer need by enabling you to design and deliver experiences that will set your brand apart. The struggle to keep customers engaged and convert interactions is one that's felt across all industries. A strong digital foundation is key, but so are the teams that drive these engagements and interactions.

Join us in Adobe’s Customer Experience Centre in London Shoreditch, on Thursday 31 January for an afternoon of valuable insights and collaboration. The afternoon will finish off with Go-Karting in the evening.

Please arrive at the Adobe Old Street office at 14:30.
15:00 Start
16:30 End
Aim to arrive at North Greenwich Station at 17:00
Pick up from North Greenwich to Go-Karting venue at 17:00 from bus stop ‘F’
Please note, it is indoors (as opposed to freezing outdoors!)
Adobe Address: White Collar Factory
Address of Go-Karting: TeamSport Karting

There will be food and drinks provided at the venue – as well as access to the café for any further drinks or refreshments.
Key contacts on the day if you need any assistance:
Adam White: 07792 241160
Ish Jumani: 07720 639 719
Danielle Du Plessis: 0751 408 3800
Quentin Blight: 07855 263 121


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