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Creative Cloud 2017 Update for Omnicom




Customer experience is one of Adobe's top priorities. To ensure our customers are getting the best out of their investment in Adobe solutions, we're hitting the road to share the latest and greatest in the creative tools you use every day and introduce you to new products and possibilities you may not be aware of. It's also your chance to give us your feedback and share your challenges so we can continue to deliver solutions that meet your rapidly changing needs.
Below is a description of what to expect in these feature-packed sessions.
Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Design Overview — 60 mins.
A "big picture" demonstration of the capabilities of the 2017 release of Creative Cloud including new features and tools. The session will cover Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver and XD – Adobe’s new end-to-end workflow for designing, prototyping, sharing screen-based experiences. 
Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Video  —  60 mins.
What is new in Premiere Pro 2017 and After Effects 2017. In Premiere Pro, we have Motion Graphics templates, a new titling engine, better audio editing and much more to show. After Effects includes the new Lumetri Scopes panel and Camera Shakes Deblur effect.
Meet Adobe over lunch — 60 mins.
Bring you questions and wish lists (and, yes, even your complaints) to share with the Adobe team. We’ll answer what we can, follow up on what we can’t, and communicate your needs back to our product teams to influence future releases.
Creative Cloud 2017 Update for Omnicom
June 28 | 10am – 1pm| AdamAndEveDDB
12 Bishop's Bridge Rd, london, W2 6AA
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