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The best of Bett 2020.

Welcome to Adobe’s dedicated site for post-event reflections and resources.

Adobe’s best Bett yet.

Catch up on highlights, read thought leadership pieces and access free resources to develop creative skills all year round. You can also secure free Spark access for your school, book a session to discuss your Digital Literacy Strategy for 2020 and nominate your school for recognition as a Digital Leader.
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  • The importance of creativity.

    Creativity is a critical and in-demand skill for a changing world. Adobe commissioned research on the importance of creativity for future generations. Sign up to download Get Hired: The Importance of Creativity and Soft Skills to find out more.

Free resources to keep up your creative momentum.

Catch You’ve been to Bett and returned full of enthusiasm and ideas to boost creativity in your classroom. Download our excellent free resources to keep up the creative momentum in the weeks and months ahead.
Find resources for each of the Creative Academy’s 12 inspiring Lightning Learning sessions, and each of the 6 Tech in Action live demonstrations.
Sparking ideas

Sparking ideas
Learning journals and e-portfolios for students and teachers.

Bring creative video projects into your classroom
A beginner’s guide.

4 Icon Challenge
A guide to creating graphics for the classroom.
Premiere Pro

Immerse yourselfin creativity
VR and 360 video for your classroom.

Apptastic ways to enhance your curriculum with mobile app design

Sparking ideas
Learn the secret to creating engaging presentations for your classroom.

Photoshop Graffiti
A guide to making digital imagery for the classroom.

Sparking ideas
A guide to digital storytelling for the classroom.
Premiere Pro

Creating engaging promo videos for your classroom with Premiere Pro

Create impactful digital publications to engage students, staff and parents
Character Animator

Characters of the classroom
A beginner’s guide to using animated characters in your teaching.
Acrobat DC

Powerful PDFs with Acrobat DC

    Get Spark for your school -

    completely free.

    Adobe Spark for Education is FREE for all schools and universities, including premium features and the ability to tie login to your school’s existing ID. Request access to Spark for your institution for free and start your digital storytelling journey.
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Discuss your 2020

Digital Literacy Strategy with us.


We hope Bett 2020 has you fired up with enthusiasm and more motivated than ever to formulate a digital literacy strategy for your instiution. Our experts would love to help you get started and offer advice as you shape 2020. Complete the form to request a meeting and we'll take it from there.



Do you know a Digital Leader?


We want to celebrate digital leaders in education. And you can help us.  Nominate your school, your colleagues or even yourself – there’s no need to be modest. If someone at your school has taken steps to integrate digital skills into the classroom, we want to hear about it.


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