Date night ideas: 20 suggestions for your next romantic evening.

What do conquering an escape room, going on an outdoor or indoor picnic, or creating a photo album together have in common? They’re cool, creative, and romantic date night ideas you can try for an unforgettable evening, whether it’s your first time alone together or you’ve been a couple for decades. And we’ve collected 20 ideas, many of which are sure to spark your imagination.

Discover ideas for a great date night together

Let’s say you’re just getting to know someone and want to impress that special person with a creative outing. Or maybe you want to put a little excitement into a relationship that’s been… let’s just say “stable” for quite a while. No matter how long you’ve known each other, a creative date is always a good idea.

Date nights maintain the connection in your relationship and strengthen its intimacy. They let couples get away from the daily grind and concentrate on each other. A romantic evening gives you time to laugh, talk about more than just dishes and vacuuming, and share new experiences. This deepens your emotional bond, promotes your mutual appreciation, and keeps your relationship fresh and lively. So put your cell phone on airplane mode and get ready for some shared memories – with these 20 creative date night ideas!

5 creative date ideas for everyone.

Is a movie date, restaurant evening or walk in the park not interesting enough? We’ve thought up some special ideas for you and your partner. Maybe one or the other of them is just right for you. Discover five creative date-night ideas for shared experiences:

Plan a photo safari through your town or city and document the nicest places, best perspectives, and strangest impressions. You can create a collage with Adobe Express to keep the memories strong. This idea is perfect for a free day or on the weekend as well.

Perfect for a warm summer evening. Hang up a projection screen – or even a sheet – make some popcorn, and watch a film in the open air. Blankets, cushions, other snacks, and perhaps some other romantic lighting are certain to ensure the right mood.

Making something yourself is not only fun but is something you’ll always remember. How about starting with something small. Look for a do-able DIY idea, purchase the materials together, and start working – so simple can the perfect date night be! It could be as easy as making seasonal decorations. And followed by some refreshments afterwards, what more could you want?

As they say, the best way to the heart is through the stomach. What could be a better reason for getting together to cook. It doesn’t really matter what cuisine you make – let your creativity loose! Decide on the menu, get busy in the kitchen, and then comes the best part – enjoying a fantastic meal.

How about putting a little competition into the evening and having a date night in which both partners end up with a great souvenir. Open a laptop and log into Adobe Express. You can start immediately. Set a timer, and in this time, create a photo collage with the best photos of yourselves. Who has the nicest photos and most creative collage ideas? It really doesn’t matter, because both of you end up with a wonderful printout of your collage.

Discover templates for collages you can make yourself.

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5 ideas for a date night at home.

Sometimes, a date night in can be just as romantic as an evening out. We’ve collected five ideas that can be just as fun as going to a chic restaurant, if not better. And they’re definitely easier on your bank account!

Pizza is love – as this date idea for your night at home proves. All you have to do is prepare a number of toppings and two pizza crusts (bought or handmade). On your mark, get set, go! Each person makes themselves the pizza of their dreams. When it’s done the evening can begin!

As is well known, everything tastes better when it’s not on your own kitchen table. Take this idea and do whatever you like with it! Pack a picnic basket and eat on a blanket on the living room floor or on the patio or terrace. Hint: Don’t forget the candles and music.

The classic date night idea. If you’re tired of your own board games, borrow some from friends or go to your local library and check out some new ones. Board games are a great way of getting to know someone better!

When the nights are long in winter or it’s rainy and stormy, a film evening at home is a great way to spend the time. Decide on a genre – films from the forties or fifties – or blockbusters like Titanic – or your own favourite genre. Assemble your snacks, drinks, and candles and you’re ready to roll!

This date night idea actually involves two date nights because you cook for each other! But not just a frozen pizza. In this case, you develop a complete menu, cook it yourself and give your partner a real restaurant experience. The next time, it’s your partner’s turn to treat you. And you can use Adobe Express to create a menu for your romantic meal. This will definitely knock your partner’s socks off!

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5 cute date ideas.

Watch out – we’re going for real romance now! These five cute date ideas will show your partner your sensitive side and provide an experience they’ll long remember.

Soft water lapping on the sides of the boat, a sky bathed in soft sunset colours and your favourite person at your side – how about an evening boat trip? Research providers in your area and hire a rowboat or pedal boat for a romantic trip on a nearby lake or river.

Evening in a museum: Take your date to a museum after sunset! Many museums have long opening hours on some days of the week or organise special events just for night owls. This lets you enjoy art in a romantic atmosphere and without the crowds.

A city lights tour is another romantic date night idea. Such tours are offered in almost all major cities. Imagine you, your partner, and the city in the evening – what could be a more romantic backdrop for a date night.

Throughout the year, there are periods when a particularly large number of shooting stars can be seen. If you live in an area away from the city lights – or can get to such an area – this is the ideal occasion for a romantic date night! Snuggle up on a blanket with your partner and spend the evening watching the starry sky.

When was the last time you actually wrote a love letter? Exchange love letters on your date night and dedicate a few tender, personal words to each other. Pro tip: You can easily design your love letters digitally with Adobe Express. Choose a font, give your love letter a beautiful colour or decorate your loving words with matching design elements or photos. Then just print it out, give it to your partner and create a lasting memory of your time together.

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5 fun date ideas for an unforgettable night together.

An extra dose of action and creativity – that’s what these fun date night ideas have in common. Discover five suggestions for cool date ideas for you and your partner:

Test your teamwork skills in an escape room. Solve tricky puzzles together and find your way to freedom – if that doesn't bring you closer together, what will?

The perfect date night idea for a spring evening: Plan a bike tour to somewhere in your city your partner doesn’t know. Find new favourite spots together and stop for a spontaneous picnic.

Couples who play together stay together. So: off to glow-in-the-dark mini golf! Play a round of mini golf on an indoor course with glowing colours in a cool atmosphere.

Let's be honest: it’s easy to get in a rut when it comes to the food we eat. For example, when was the last time you tried a new restaurant or ordered something other than your favourite pizza? This date night idea combines new discoveries with time together. Explore your city’s street food scene together on foot, try different delicacies and share your favourites with each other.

Discover templates for photo albums you make yourself.

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Good to know.

What is a good idea for a first date?

A creative idea for the first date might be a visit to an escape room. This not only creates a relaxed atmosphere, but also gives you a joint task – perfect if you don’t know each other that well yet or if you are even a little nervous. Date night ideas like these offer you the opportunity to get to know each other without a lot of pressure and possibly even celebrate your first successes together.

How often should you plan a date night?

There is no hard and fast rule, but depending on the stage of your relationship, experts recommend setting aside time for a date night at least once a week. This way you can maintain your emotional connection, strengthen your relationship, and create positive memories.

What do you need for a date night at home?

For a successful date night at home, the main thing you need is a cosy atmosphere. Candles, snuggly blankets, and delicious snacks create a romantic mood. Date night ideas at home might include games, a movie marathon or cooking together. You can also create something together – what about a photo book, for example?

What kinds of activities are good for date nights?

There are plenty of creative date night ideas – from picnics in the park to cooking together to stargazing. The important thing is to choose an activity that you both enjoy. You can find some creative, romantic, and cool date ideas in this article.

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