Networking in Manchester: Tips for networking in the North's industrial capital.

While many networking events in Manchester today are done digitally, there’s still a lot to be said for meeting like-minded people in person. Learn how the right business cards and social media posts can help set you up for success.

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Manchester is a thriving hub of business that spans numerous sectors. Whether you’re a freelance creative, a bustling start-up or part of a well-established business, networking in Manchester makes it easy to meet the right people.

However, a little preparation can help you make a good first impression. This can involve practising introducing yourself, what you do, and what you’re looking for. It can also mean preparing business cards so that people can follow up with you after a networking event. Likewise, having an appropriate social media presence for you and your brand can help when someone looks you up online.

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Manchester networking: How and where to start.

Manchester has a wealth of talented professionals who regularly attend networking events. With strong links to other major cities including Liverpool, Leeds and London, you’ll often find opportunities to meet people and network in Manchester.

Take a look at some of the networking events and opportunities you can expect to find in Manchester.

7 tips for Manchester networking events.

Whether you’re new to networking in Manchester or have an established group of contacts, brush up on your skills with some of our favourite tips.

1. Keep an eye out for local business networking events in Manchester.

Good networking events shouldn’t be hard to find. When the sole purpose of an event is getting people together, there should be plenty of advertising. Most networking events promote themselves online, so make sure you’re keeping an eye out. It can also be worth searching for industry-specific networking events in Manchester to find meet-ups that suit you and your business best.

2. Set up a brand TikTok to connect with fellow businesses.

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms today, with more than 1 billion monthly active users. TikTok can be a great opportunity for businesses that want to connect with both a global audience and a local one. One of the key benefits of TikTok is its flexibility – it provides a platform to promote both your brand and any networking opportunities.

3. Take business cards wherever you go.

If you’re meeting a lot of people in one day, it can be hard to remember everyone’s name. Not only that, but there are few things worse than not knowing how to contact someone you’ve spoken to. The perfect antidote to this is a business card.

If you’re networking in Manchester, handing out business cards is an effective way to ensure no one will forget you. Opt for a design that’s simple and appropriate for your business. But remember that unique designs tend to be more memorable, so try to weave in brand colours, an engaging phrase or relevant icon for the type of work you do.

Want to make your own? These business card templates can help you get started:

4. Decide what you want.

Before you attend a networking event in Manchester, consider your purpose for being there. Are you attending because you’d like advice from people in a similar position? Are you looking for job opportunities or someone who can help expand your business? Having a goal, no matter how loose, can help ensure you get something out of the event.

5. Have your pitch ready.

When you’re at a networking event speaking to people for the first time, you might have to introduce yourself, your business and what you’re looking for. Having a practised pitch is a great way to sell yourself without stumbling over your words or waffling on for too long. It can pay off to practise from home and narrow your pitch down to 30 seconds.

6. Think about your digital image.

If you’re handing out business cards at a networking event in Manchester, or directing people to your social media accounts, you should be aware of how you appear online. In a digital world, it can be easy for people to find you, especially if your personal social media accounts are visible to strangers. In this case, what you post can influence people’s opinions about you and, by extension, your business.

Consider privatising your personal accounts or update your social media posts to align with your professional pursuits. You should also make sure any professional accounts, such as your LinkedIn profile, are equally polished and ready for visitors.

7. Stay in touch with your network.

After attending a business networking event in Manchester, you should find yourself with a long list of names and contacts. However, the work isn’t done just yet. After the event, reach out to people and arrange a follow up chat. This can be an opportunity to talk about how you can help each other and get down to the nitty-gritty.

Useful things to know.

Is Manchester a good place for networking?
Manchester is home to a broad range of industries, ranging from TV and film to academia and financial services. Not only this, but the city has fantastic links to nearby cities and towns, drawing people in from both sides of the Pennines. With so many people living and working in Manchester, it’s a great place for networking.
What are the main industries operating in Manchester?

Greater Manchester is the largest city economy in the UK outside of London, and it has the industrial diversity to show for it. The main industries that operate in Manchester include:

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Creative & media
  • Technology and digital services
  • Financial, business and professional services
  • Life science and healthcare.