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Upgrade your weekend specials with a Sunday roast menu, featuring golden potatoes, fresh greens and plenty of gravy. Get tips and templates with Adobe Express to inspire your restaurant’s roast dinner menu.

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Nothing brings family and friends together like a hearty Sunday roast. Consisting of succulent meat, rich gravy, golden roasted potatoes, an assortment of vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, it’s no wonder Sunday roast menus are a staple in British culture.

Whether you’re a local pub ready to upgrade your Sunday menu options or an independent restaurant looking to offer a new weekend special, our Sunday roast menu ideas can get your business crackling.

What is included in a traditional Sunday roast menu?

The beloved Sunday roast dates back to 1485 during King Henry VII’s reign. Traditionally, large joints of meat were spit-roasted for about four hours and became the easiest way to feed large households.

By the late 1700s, it was part of the weekly routine. Every Sunday before church, families would place a cut of meat in the oven along with potatoes and vegetables, ready to eat when they returned. And so, the customary Sunday roast was born.

Today, our love affair with roast dinner menus is greater than ever, with pubs and restaurants across the UK packed full for the esteemed meal.

Essentials for a traditional Sunday roast include:

10 Sunday roast menu ideas for your restaurant.

Ready to create some buzz for your Sunday roast menu? Entice customers old and new with professional menu templates on Adobe Express. Whatever your brand, aesthetic or design, these options are sure to make their mouths water.

The following menu templates can give you a taste of where to begin:

Tips to make your Sunday roast menu stand out.

In a sea of pubs, pop-ups and restaurants offering roast dinners, your Sunday roast menu should stand out. That means eye-catching designs, high-quality images of your delectable dishes, colours that are consistent with your brand and much more.

Attract customers from far and wide with the following Sunday roast menu tips.

1. Keep it short and sweet.

Your Sunday roast menu should be just as digestible as the meal itself. Make your text easy to read and keep descriptions brief while including the juicy details of what’s on offer. You could limit the menu to three options per course for ease. Less is more, after all.

2. Stir up interest with mouthwatering designs.

Roast dinner menus with cohesive design elements will stand the test of time. Complementary colour schemes, fonts and graphics can help to emphasise your brand’s unique identity. Tie in high-quality images of tasty dishes to attract customers and showcase what you have to offer. Don’t forget to brand your menu with your logo!

3. Add some signature flair to your roast.

No one can resist a Sunday roast – especially with some exotic extras thrown in. Make your roast dinner menu more unique with different sides and sauces. Cranberry sauce complements a chicken roast dinner menu well, while apple sauce adds some wow factor to roast pork. Or go the extra mile with tasty sides like cauliflower cheese or pigs in blankets.

4. Don’t forget your vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free customers.

Sunday roasts are for everyone to enjoy, and your menu should reflect that. Why not expand your offering with some plant-based or gluten-free alternatives that serve every diet? A meat-free wellington made with goats’ cheese and beetroot, or wild mushroom and sweet potato can make your Sunday roast menu appeal to a wider audience.

5. Show off the new Sunday specials on your social channels.

Use the power of social media to advertise your roast dinner menu and engage your customers. A one-off Facebook post showcasing your delicious dishes can get the customers piling in. For a more creative and dynamic approach, turn your Instagram post into a seamless carousel of appetising images.

6. Host a roast for an upcoming event or occasion.

Sunday roasts are for the whole family, so why not dish out a Sunday roast menu for occasions like Mother’s Day and Easter? Get the word out in seconds with a captivating poster that can be shared across your social media channels or hung up in your establishment.

7. Go the whole hog with engaging reels.

Create a show-stopping Instagram reel to highlight your roast dinner menu. Use animated transitions, trendy songs and filters to showcase the fun side of your business. Record a tour of the restaurant, film your food being placed on the dish or capture the lively atmosphere customers can expect on a Sunday.

8. Give customers a taste behind the scenes.

Everyone loves to see how their favourite dish comes to life. Show the human side of your business with images of your staff working behind the scenes. Or get creative with a TikTok video of your chef taking the roast out of the oven. Pop on a catchy song that’ll resonate with the audience and watch your engagement soar.

Useful things to know.

What time is a Sunday roast served in the UK?
Sunday roast is traditionally served at around 3pm as an afternoon or early evening meal, to cover both lunch and dinner. You might want to set a broader time range for your Sunday roast menu, such as 12pm to 5pm every Sunday.
How do you elevate a Sunday roast?
The beauty of a Sunday roast is that ingredients can be altered and swapped to transform the meal. Stud your roast lamb with rosemary and garlic or incorporate tasty sauces like mint and parsley. For the veg, honey-glazed roast carrots or a dollop of harissa and marmalade can make a world of difference. You can easily tailor your roast to suit the vibe of your restaurant.

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