How to make your own welcome home banners in the UK.

Give them the warm welcome back they deserve with our personalised welcome home banner ideas.

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It can be hard when loved ones are away. But nothing’s better than welcoming them back with open arms. Whether you’re throwing them a huge surprise party at a local pub, or a small intimate gathering in the garden, show them how much you’ve missed them with a personalised welcome home banner from Adobe Express.

We’ve collated some of our favourite banner styles and design tips, so you can go all out for this special occasion. We also have free templates to help you get started if you’re in need of a little inspiration. Read on to discover how to make your own welcome home banner today.

How to make a personalised welcome banner.

A welcome home banner is more than just decoration, it’s one of the first things your loved one sees when they return home. So, adding your own touch and creating a personalised banner can make them feel truly special.

Here are some welcome home banner ideas and tips to get you started:

Get inspired with our printable welcome home banner ideas.

There’s nothing more special than welcoming your loved one home. Getting the tone right is just as important too, as it can help them feel even more welcomed and valued.

Unsure how to mark the occasion? Get inspired with our printable welcome home banner ideas:

UK-Inspired welcome home banner.

If your loved one has been travelling or working abroad, chances are they’ll have missed their home comforts. So, what better way to welcome them home than a personalised UK-inspired welcome home banner?

To make a UK-inspired welcome banner, you can incorporate elements like the Union flag, iconic British landmarks and skylines, or British themes and food. For music lovers, why not create a Britpop or Grime inspired welcome home banner featuring their favourite artists?

Top Tip: Opt for red, white, and blue colours for that traditional UK colour scheme.

Post-graduation welcome banner.

Graduating university shouldn’t be taken lightly. Mark the event and celebrate their hard work and dedication with a post-graduation welcome banner.

To create a post-graduation banner, you can incorporate elements like graduation caps, balloons, and confetti. You may even want to include a personalised message such as ‘Class of 2024’ or ‘Welcome Home, Graduate!’.

For an even more personalised touch, tailor the theme to their degree. Incorporate graphics relating to their field of study, such as mathematic symbols, historic figures or chemical equations.

Welcome home baby banner.

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a truly special occasion. Spoil the parents-to-be with a personalised welcome home baby banner. Opt for soft tones such as neutral and pastel colours to create a calm and relaxing environment.

You can even add a heartfelt message or baby pictures to the banner to make the occasion even more special. Don’t forget to include baby’s name, and their date and time of birth for an added personalised touch.

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Travel welcome home banner.

Whether your loved one has been travelling through Europe or backpacking across Asia, give them the welcome home they deserve with a travel inspired welcome back banner. To create a fun travel inspired banner, use a world map for the banner background and add in creative elements such as aeroplanes, suitcases and passports.

You may also want to consider using vibrant summery colours, or colours from the flags of some of the destinations they visited. You could even focus on one destination, creating a New York City inspired welcome home banner, for example.

Typography heavy welcome banner.

To create a typography heavy banner, focus on experimenting with different fonts, styles and text effects. Play around with words and consider adding in some heartfelt quotes from family and friends or a witty joke to make them laugh.

Short, simple messages also work nicely too. Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Photo based welcome home banner.

Add a personalised touch to your welcome home banner with a collection of special photographs. Dig out a selection of meaningful photos – they could be special memories you shared together, or favourite places you visited. Resize and crop the images, then add them to the banner.

If you’re looking to get extra creative, consider adding frames and special effects to your photos, or pull together a fun photo collage. You could even layer the images with text, symbols and graphics too.

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Good to know.

What else should you have at a welcome home party?

Aside from a welcome home banner, you may also want to decorate your space with some extra welcome home treats. Think party games and a selection of food and drinks, along with a welcome home cake.

Hosting an outdoor gathering to welcome them home? Check out our outdoor banner ideas.

What can you say instead of welcome back?

There are many ways to welcome a loved one back. You could use phrases like ‘Welcome home’, ‘Glad to have you back’ or ‘We’ve missed you’. Any message will work, but the more genuine and meaningful, the more impactful.

Do you bring gifts to a welcome home party?

That’s entirely up to you. If your loved one has been away for a while, seeing all their friends and family will no doubt be rewarding enough. But there’s no harm in bringing gifts to make the occasion that little bit more memorable, especially if you’re celebrating a special occasion, such as a graduation.

Is Adobe Express free?

Yes. The basic version of Adobe Express includes everything you need to start making your welcome home banner. Choose from thousands of design templates, images and royalty-free photos, quick actions for processing images, and much more. Go one step further and wish somebody a welcome home by creating a card, a post-graduation certificate or a travel photo collage they’ll treasure for years.