Share the joy of Grandparents' Day with customisable cards, social posts and more



Grandparents can be some of the most inspiring and supportive people in our lives. We just can’t get enough of their wisdom, warm hugs and storytelling. So, what better time to celebrate the older generations in your family than Grandparents’ Day?

Grandparents’ Day is the perfect opportunity to show your golden oldies some love. Pop September 10th – or October 1st if you’re from the UK – in your 2023 diaries and get ready to share the joy of grandparents.

This article will give you some inspiration on how to do so – whether you want to create a Grandparents’ Day card, post a collage on social media, or go all out on TikTok. Read on to find out more.

When is Grandparents’ Day celebrated?

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated on different days depending on where you live.

The national day originated in America in 1978 – all thanks to Marian McQuade. While volunteering at a care home, she noticed that many of the residents did not have visitors. So, to encourage grandchildren and other family members to visit, she campaigned to create a day especially for grandparents.

The event quickly caught on across the globe, with the charity Age Concern introducing the national day to the UK in 1990.

Get creative with personalised Grandparents’ Day cards.

Show your grandparents how much you care with a Grandparents’ Day card. Surprise them with a personalised message to put into words how much you love them.

It’s simple to create a special Grandparents’ Day card that they’ll cherish forever. Just follow these steps:

  1. Pick your card.

Choose a card template that best suits the occasion – or pick a blank card and get started from scratch.

  1. Choose the background.

Adjust the template or add your own embellishments. You can choose the background of your card from simple colours to fun and quirky designs.

  1. Design the front.

Add shapes, text features and other icons to really bring the card to life. You could add a crown for the best grandpa ever or a medal for the number one grandma.

  1. Write a message inside.

Now for the important part. Add a heartfelt message to let your grandparents know just how much they mean to you.

  1. Add a personal touch.

Why not make your card extra special and upload your own photos too? Add a photo of you and your grandparents or a selection of your favourite moments together.

  1. Finish with a gift.

You could even go one step further and create a Grandparents’ Day gift to go along with the card. Bring a smile to your grandparent’s face every time they sip their tea with a custom mug design.

Show your appreciation for the older generation on social media.

Social media is another great way to show your grandparents how much they mean to you. Spread the love far and wide with the power of the internet. Posting something online is also a brilliant way to connect with family that live far away.

Make a family photo collage.

Gather as many photos of your grandparents as you can find and arrange your favourite memories in one place with a photo collage. Use a template for ease or freestyle to make your finished vision.

Share a reel of your favorite photos.

One picture says a thousand words, but what about a reel filled with multiple pictures of your granny and gramps? Let your memories come to life with an Instagram Reel and pair it with a song that reminds you of them.

Show off your gramps on TikTok.

Nothing captures a memory quite like a video. Challenge your grandparents to learn a TikTok dance with you this Grandparents’ Day and post it to your feed. Who knows – if they enjoy it, you may have a whole series on your hands!

Give them their very own debut on the grid.

Show your grandparents the appreciation they deserve with a whole post dedicated to them on your Instagram grid. Upload a singular photo or make a carousel of up to 10 of your favourite photos. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt caption too.

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15 heartwarming Grandparents’ Day quotes and captions.

Sometimes it’s hard to put into words just how much you care. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You may wish to use one of these sayings for inspiration to write on the front of a mug, inside a card or as the caption for a social media post.

For grandparents that love to laugh.

To show how much you love them.

To say thank you to your grandparents.

Useful things to know.

Is Grandparents’ Day the same day every year meme?

Sort of. Grandparents’ Day falls on the first Sunday after Labor Day in the US and the first Sunday of October every year in the UK. While the day stays the same, the date can change from year to year – and varies from country to country. In 2023, Grandparents’ Day US is set to be on Sunday September 10th, while in the UK it’s set to be on Sunday 1st October. today.

What should I make for Grandparents’ Day?

There are so many Grandparents’ Day gift ideas to choose from that are guaranteed to bring a smile to their face. Choose from something as simple as a collage of all your favourite pictures of them to a bunch of flowers or box of chocolates. Or go the extra mile and create something personalised that they’ll cherish forever – like a custom mug.

What can kids do for Grandparents’ Day?

The best thing that kids can do on Grandparents’ Day is spend time with their grandma or grandad. It’s not all about gifts – memories last a lifetime. Why not encourage them to read a book together or play a game? Whatever way they choose to spend their day, creating joyful memories with their grandchildren is what counts.