Supercharge creative teams with generative AI in Creative Cloud.

Generate ideas and create amazing on-brand content at unprecedented speed and scale with Adobe Firefly generative AI and collaboration tools integrated into Creative Cloud.

Bring more ideas to life, faster.

Banish the blank canvas — quickly generate and work through new concepts with Firefly to find what works best. Share, comment, and brainstorm in real time, and use generative capabilities like Structure References to save time.

Boost creative production.

Eliminate repetitive manual tasks to get the highest-quality work out the door faster. Create with Firefly features like Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop and Generate Vector in Adobe Illustrator, and refine any generated asset in your Creative Cloud apps.

Scale brand-specific content.

Maintain consistency with new Style Kits that include shared templates and libraries. Use new Object Composites to produce polished versions of your brand creative in seconds — with full creative control.

See what's possible with generative AI in Creative Cloud for enterprise edition 4.

Jewel-toned ocean coral surrounding a white glowing circle that opens up onto the mouth of a river with puffy white clouds in the distance.

Create stunning content with powerful apps.

Use 20+ world-class Creative Cloud apps including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, and InDesign to craft high-quality images, graphics, vectors, videos, animations, and more.

An image of a jaguar drinking from a pond on a lush jungle floor that sits between bookshelves in a library. A smaller image shows a Firefly text prompt bar with the words "Jaguar drinking from pond" and three different AI-generated jaguar image options.

Deliver better content faster with integrated generative AI.

Create and edit content quickly with Firefly features like Generative Fill and Generative Expand embedded in Creative Cloud apps. Creative teams can work with confidence knowing that Firefly is designed to be safe for business.

This is an image showing the Style Kit user interface. There is a checklist of items to be selected. In this image, the aspect ratio, Object Composite, and photo settings are selected. A Save and Cancel button are visible, and the UI appears overlaid on the main Firefly screen.


Keep everything on brand with new Style Kits. 

Create style templates to save, share, and reuse Firefly prompts, reference assets, and presets. Share the templates across teams and apps to make collaboration easy and ensure that everyone's generative AI output looks cohesive.

One large image and four smaller images showing a cream-colored handbag being composited onto a circular white pedestal. The background shows pink and purple flowers and pink and blue-green swirls.


Enhance product merchandising with new Object Composites. 

Seamlessly blend product images and other objects into high-quality AI-generated scenes with harmonious tones, colors, lighting, and textures — all in seconds. Resize, move, and place objects to produce variations while maintaining full creative control. 

A collage of five Adobe Stock images showing a doctor with a young patient, an overhead shot of a person on a surfboard, a yellow tulip bulb, two gray-haired hikers drinking coffee on a trail, and a woman looking out a window at palm trees and water.

Generate infinite ideas with Firefly and Adobe Stock.

Use features like Text to Image and Structure Reference to develop a constant stream of visuals, and even use Firefly features to customize Adobe Stock assets. Edition 4 comes with unlimited downloads of Adobe Stock standard assets, and edition 4 with Premium Adobe Stock adds access to the entire Premium collection.

Do even more with powerful add-ons.

A purple-toned collage of Adobe Stock images with the white Adobe Stock "St" mnemonic symbol overlaid in the center.

Adobe Stock Premium assets

Choose Creative Cloud for enterprise edition 4 with Premium Adobe Stock to access photos, vectors, illustrations, videos, music, and more from some of the world's most talented artists.

A purple-toned image of a video editor working at a desk with multiple monitors. The white logo is overlaid in the center. for Enterprise

Get the cloud-based collaboration platform that empowers creative teams and their stakeholders to organize, review, and manage work-in-progress assets from anywhere in the world. Comes with features designed for enterprise security and team management.

A purple-toned, AI-generated close-up image of a flower with a white Adobe Firefly mnemonic overlaid in the center. The Adobe "A" in the mnemonic features little dots and rounded edges.

Adobe Firefly Services

Automate production of high-quality asset variations for different audiences, channels, and markets with 20+ Firefly and Creative Cloud APIs.

A purple-toned, AI-generated image showing a field of dandelions with seeds floating up into a night sky dotted with stars. A white Adobe Firefly mnemonic is overlaid in the center, and the Adobe "A" in the mnemonic features little dots and rounded edges.

Adobe Firefly Custom Models

Train Custom Models on your brand style, images, and products so you can scale production of content that matches your look and feel.

What analysts are saying. 

A black-and-white logo with the words "Constellation Research" and an icon showing three circles.

“This isn’t a play with it for six months and then we’ll figure it out. They’ve figured it out. The fact that many of Adobe’s tools are generally available is helpful for enterprises hesitant to use new digital experience tools for fear that they are not security or privacy-ready.”

Liz Miller, Constellation Research

A black-and-white logo showing the name "IDC" beside a circular icon with jagged black-and-white stripes.

“Adobe is approaching generative AI in a thoughtful way, incorporating both its own experience and the collective wisdom of the broader creative community to deliver something that’s distinctive and valuable for all customer segments.”

Ritu Jyoti, IDC

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