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Good bye Flash, hello HTML

*Last Modified: July 2022

Adobe Flash reached its end-of-life on December 31, 2020. The following information will help ensure a seamless Flash-to-HTML transition for Adobe Connect customers.  

Adobe Connect has progressively transitioned to a modern Flash-free architecture with the following:


HTML browser client

For Presenters & Participants to host or join Adobe Connect rooms via any modern browser.

 HTML – desktop application for Windows

Desktop application for Windows

Eliminating the need for Flash
plug-ins in Adobe Connect rooms.

HTML – desktop application for Mac

Desktop application for Mac

Eliminating the need for Flash
plug-ins in Adobe Connect rooms.

HTML - SDK 2020, V11

HTML SDK 2020, V11

SDK and Web-services API available to build HTML-based custom apps & integrations

HTML- Mobile apps

New Mobile apps

For Presenters & Participants to host or join Adobe Connect rooms via any mobile device

Classic View is now deprecated

With the Adobe Connect 12 upgrade for hosted deployments, the legacy Flash-based Classic View is now deprecated. Customers will no longer be able to host or join Adobe Connect sessions using Classic View. The new Enhanced A/V Experience is the default for all Adobe Connect rooms. Administrators have an option to fall back to Standard View if needed. Learn More

comparision view

For Licensed or Managed Service Deployments

If you are currently on an Adobe Connect Version 11.2 or higher, you need to know the following about legacy Flash-based Classic View.

As a host, all your rooms are set to the new Standard View by default. If at all you need to use old Flash content (swf, flv, f4v), Flash-based Custom Pods, or PPTs, you have an option to disable the standard view and fall back to Classic View in native desktop applications. Your choice of Standard or Classic View as a host will be applicable to all participants in the room.

As a participant, if you are using the latest version of Adobe Connect desktop or mobile applications or joining using a modern HTML browser, you should have a seamless experience. You may be prompted to update the application or join from a browser; in case you are not using the latest version.

*With Adobe Connect 12, all your rooms are set to the new standard view by default. The support for legacy Flash-based Classic View will now end with Adobe Connect 12 GA.

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*Last Modified : July 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I continue to use my existing Flash-based content and training courses after the Adobe Connect 12 upgrade?

Classic View, which supported Flash content, has reached its end of life with the Adobe Connect 12 release. Customers will no longer be able to use any Flash content in Adobe Connect sessions.

We recommend downloading and converting all old Flash content to HTML. Learn more here Migrating Legacy Flash eLearning Content to HTML5.

Will I be able to use Flash-based Custom Pods after the Adobe Connect 12 upgrade?

Users will no longer be able to any use Flash content in Adobe Connect sessions, including Flash-based Custom Pods.

We recommend the respective developers to convert their Custom Pods to HTML-based versions. Developers can use Adobe Connect HTML SDK v 2020 to develop HTML based Custom Pods. 

Can I choose when to upgrade to Adobe Connect 12 and continue using Classic View?

If your account is hosted by Adobe then your account has been upgraded to Adobe Connect 12.

If you have an On-Premise or Managed Services account you may choose your own upgrade path. If you decide to continue using an older version of Adobe Connect you will continue to have access to Classic View. Adobe will continue limited support* for a native desktop application that supports Classic View.

(*No patches or upgrades will be supported)

Does the Standard View support playback for old recordings?

Recordings created from version 9.x to 11.x are supported for playback in Standard View. However, any Flash-based content in these recordings are not supported in the playback. Users will see a ‘Content not supported’ message in the Pod with Flash content.

Alternatively, users can convert these old recordings to offline or MP4 format using the “Make Offline” feature in the native desktop application.

(*No patches or upgrades supported)

When did Adobe announce the end-of-life for Flash Player?

On 25 July, 2017, Adobe announced plans for the end-of-life for the Flash Player on 31 Dec., 2020. See original communication here. All modern browsers have been notifying users and will no longer allow enabling Flash Players from 12 Jan, 2021. More information here.

Will my old Flash content continue to work in my Adobe Connect rooms?

If you are on Adobe Connect version 11.2 or higher you may continue using flash content in rooms set to Classic View using a native desktop application. This support will end soon.

Flash content compatibility matrix
What will happen if a user is trying to view old recordings with Flash content in the new HTML browser client?

If a user is trying to view an old recording with Flash content in HTML browser, it will play in Standard View but show ‘content not supported’ for the Flash components of the recording. The user will be prompted to switch to the Desktop app in Classic View for better experience. Old recordings (from version C10.x onwards) can be viewed and converted to MP4 using the Classic application. Learn more about recordings playback here.

Where can I see the most recent Hardware, Network and System requirements for Adobe Connect to work? 

Please visit the Technical Specifications and System Requirements page. Please note that older Flash-based browsers like IE11 are no longer supported since the Adobe Flash end of life on 31 Dec, 2020 . Users with Flash-based browsers will be asked to join via Adobe Connect native application.

Will customers be able to choose their preferred upgrade timing to the latest version of Adobe Connect?

If you are on a Hosted deployment you will be on the latest version of Adobe Connect by default. Our on-premises and managed deployment customers can choose their preferred upgrade paths. We will have the older Flash-based applications available for on-premise customers here

How can I know when my Adobe Connect account will be upgraded to the latest version of Adobe Connect?

You can enter your Adobe Connect account URL in this Upgrade Timetable tool to determine when your Adobe Connect account will be upgraded. 

Why should we consider upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Connect?

For the best Adobe Connect experience leveraging all the enhanced capabilities such as enhanced audio with the latest codecs, noise cancellation libraries, native closed captioning, and many more, we recommend upgrading to Adobe Connect 12 or higher. Classic View via the flash-based native application will continue to stay available here for the on-premise customer but with limited technical support and no enhancements.