Discover applications of 3d modelling.

Learn about how designers, studios and companies use Substance 3D.

Deliver designs that pop with Substance 3D and Illustrator.

Substance 3D in games.

Discover how the Substance 3D apps and content are used to create beautiful stories, from indie mobile games to AAA productions.

Substance 3D in film.

Explore the Substance 3D apps and content in the film industry, whether for animation or VFX in commercials and feature films.

Substance 3D in product design.

Discover how Substance 3D can enhance the product design process and help designers create, from prototypes to high-end visualisations.

Substance 3D in fashion.

Discover how fashion and apparel designers use the Substance 3D apps and content to create ultrarealistic clothing designs in a sustainable way.

Learn the foundations of 3D.

Jump-start your creativity with videos designed to teach key 3D concepts. Watch now

Learn the foundations of 3D.

Jump-start your creativity with videos designed to teach key 3D concepts. Watch now 

3D rendering and Adobe
Substance 3D.

Discover how the Substance 3D apps and content can improve your 3D rendering work.

3D texturing and Adobe
Substance 3D.

Find out how the Substance 3D apps and content can help your 3D texturing work.

3D lighting: Types of lighting and 3D lighting techniques.

Learn about the basic techniques for 3D lighting as well as a different type of 3D lighting.

Virtual photography and
Adobe Substance 3D.

Learn what virtual photography is and how the Substance 3D toolset can improve your content velocity with virtual photography.

Industrial design: What it is and what industrial designers do.

Find out what industrial designers do in their day-today jobs.

Everything you need to know about physically based rendering.

Want to learn about physically based rendering (PBR)? Read this article to learn about PBR and how it relates to photorealism.

3D character creation & design software.

Whether 3D characters are made for games, films or art, artists need the right software to get the job done well.

A guide to 3D file types.

There’s no one size fits all solution to file formatting. Here’s everything you need to know about file types and how to use them.

How to Make 3D Furniture Models.

3D furniture design is used for more than populating video games with realistic props. Many design pros and e-commerce websites use 3D models to help showcase and sell their products. 

How to Make 3D Architectural Models.

If you’ve toured a digital home, you’ve experienced the power of 3D and AR. 3D technology is making waves in many industries—architecture is no exception.

How to create art using Adobe Substance 3D.

Give your art that extra dimension—namely, 3D. Create life-like 3D images and renders of anything you can imagine with the power of the Adobe Substance 3D apps.

How to make a 3D model from a picture.

Anyone can create 3D models from photos with the help of Adobe Substance 3D Sampler in just a few steps. 

Discover the world of Substance 3D.

Get content, get inspired, get creative.

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