Benefits of remote collaborative document editing.

Learn what the advantages of collaborative document editing are and how it can help your remote teams.

Over the past couple of years, remote work has become the new normal. But even in a remote setting, teams still need to work together. Online collaboration tools, like collaborative document editing, let coworkers get things done as if they were sitting around the same conference table. Let’s take a look at the benefits of collaborative document editing.

Improve document workflow.

One of the greatest advantages of collaborative editing is that it keeps things in control. Both managers and workers can easily see all changes to the document and keep track of its status. You’ll always know who edited the file last and can tell who needs to work on it next.

Save time.

Both offline and online document editors usually let you share files directly through the editing software. You can save significant amounts of time when you don’t have to bounce documents back and forth through separate email clients.

Reduce mistakes and errors.

Collaborative editing lets the entire team track all changes to a document. As a result, they can more easily spot errors or mistakes. And if there is a problem, collaborative editing tools let you roll back to a previous file version.

Build team spirit.

Remote work can make people feel lonely. One of the benefits of collaborative editing is that it lets your team work together and share feedback without delay. A better team spirit keeps everyone happier and can boost productivity.

Start collaborating on PDFs.

Adobe Acrobat DC makes it easy for your team to collaborate on PDF documents. You can share files, add and review comments and annotations, track documents, protect files with passwords, and more. You can also use Acrobat online services to collaborate on PDFs online.

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