How to change the font size in a PDF.

One way to make documents more interesting is to vary the size of the font. Learn how to make important information stand out to your readers.

Font size and color add value to what you want to communicate. Readers often scan a document before reading it. Larger fonts can give them a general idea of what's to come. But for more precise information, they tend to look to the smaller font text.

Steps for changing the font size in a PDF.

When you add text or make comments on a PDF document, it's helpful to have control of the font size. Sometimes you want your new text to match what's already existing, and other times you want it to stand out so that no one misses your note.

Here’s how to change font size in PDF text boxes. It’s easy, and it works for adding new text or changing existing comments. To choose a font size from 6 px to 24 px, follow the steps below:

  1. Drag and drop the PDF or select a file to upload it to Adobe’s online PDF editor.
  2. Click the font size control at the top of the page. It’s the icon with a small capital T next to a large one.
  3. Move the slider to indicate the size of font you want.
  4. Select the add text control. It’s the large capital T at the top of the page.
  5. Begin typing your text.
  6. To change the font size for text you’ve already entered, select it and use the font size control that will pop up right above your text.

Effective communication can include more than just words on a page. Next time someone sends you a PDF for your review and comments, respond with style. Use a large font for information that your readers can't miss or a smaller font to make sure you have room to say everything that’s needed.

Acrobat online services lets you edit PDFs with comments of varying font sizes and colors. Take a moment to explore what more you can do to level up your PDFs today.