Convert your Gmail emails to PDF documents.

Learn the step-by-step instructions needed to convert emails from your Gmail account to PDF documents so they can be stored and shared.

PDF is the most universally accepted digital document format. Nearly every computer or mobile device can read a PDF document. They protect against unwanted changes and are easily shared.

Converting important emails to PDF is a practice that many people depend upon to stay organized since PDFs can be saved on your computer using the same file structure you use for other documents.

Step to convert Gmail to PDF.

Many people want the simplicity of a single filing system — not one for documents and another for email. If you receive an email about taxes, for example, that email may be easier to find in the future if it’s saved on your computer along with other tax-related documents.

Use these instructions to get the most out of your email system by converting crucial emails to PDFs and saving them where they can be easily found. Here’s how to convert Gmail to PDF:

  1. Open the desired email.
  2. Click on the printer icon to open the print dialog.
  3. Change the Destination selection to Print As PDF.
  4. Navigate to the desired location on your computer and click Save.

You can convert email and other documents to PDF and provide a safe way to save and share important information. When you’re working with Adobe Acrobat it’s easy to both manage documents and keep important emails safe.

Take a moment to explore everything you can do with Acrobat today, including requesting e-signatures on important documents, to making edits such as rotating PDF pages.