How to categorize your to-do list.

Learn how to organize your to-do list by sorting it into clear categories.

To-do lists can be great tools for productivity, but too often, we abandon them. While many people blame this on lack of motivation, often it’s simply a symptom of bad organization. In this guide, we’ll show you how to organize your to-do list into clear categories so you can successfully complete every last task.

Three ways to make to-do list categories.

There’s no one “best” way to categorize your to-do list. Ultimately, what categories you should use for your list will come down to precisely what tasks you’re trying to organize. Here are three categorization methods you can try for your lists:

  1. By project: If you’re juggling multiple large projects, you can sort your tasks into project categories that will help you keep track of which tasks belong to which projects.
  2. By task types: This is great for home to-do lists. You can organize your list by the kind of tasks they contain, such as “chores” or “errands.”
  3. By priority: If you have a miscellaneous to-do list without any other clear categories, you can organize the tasks in order of importance. For example, list priority categories like “urgent” to “not urgent” or “due today” to “no due date.”

Again, when it comes to organizing your to-do lists, first decide what kind of tasks the list will contain and then place them into appropriate categories. Once you’ve created your list in a PDF format, you can always add comments or make edits later. Of course, you can also use multiple different category types in the same list, especially if it’s a long one.

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