How to combine Word documents.

Share your documents with ease. Learn how to combine multiple Word documents into one file.

Both the sender and the recipient often find it challenging to share multiple Word documents — but you can simplify the task by merging them into one file before sharing. This can be particularly useful if the documents are related. Read on and learn how to combine Word documents for easier sharing.

Insert text from multiple Word files.

Word makes it quick and easy to combine text documents. Follow these steps to merge your files:

  1. Launch Word and open the document that appears first in the combined file.
  2. Select the Insert tab from the top toolbar.
  3. Select the small black arrow next to the Object button in the Text section.
  4. From the Object drop-down menu, select Text From File.
  5. Locate your other files and select Insert.

Word will add all text from the additional files to wherever you’ve placed your text selection cursor — but remember to make sure that you’ve clicked on where you want the new text to go before merging documents.

It’s easy to combine Word documents, but there are some limitations. As the function’s name states, Word can only merge text. If your other files have pictures or advanced formatting, these features may not display correctly — or at all — in the merged document.

Keep your Word formatting intact.

You can ensure your documents look right by converting them from Word to PDF files with Adobe Acrobat. The PDF format will retain all formatting from the original file. After conversion, you can use Acrobat to easily merge the documents into one PDF file.

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