How to delete pages from a PDF on a Mac.

A woman sitting at a desk deletes pages from a PDF on a Mac laptop.

Remove unneeded pages from a PDF through a simple series of steps on your Mac, for any type of solo or group project, with Acrobat online services.

Your creative team may have lots of different ideas in one PDF, but now you need to decide what to keep and what to toss. When you make your decision, it’s easy to delete as many pages as you like from the PDF, leaving only the best idea. You can delete pages natively in Preview or use Acrobat online services.

How to delete pages from PDFs in Preview.

Removing PDF pages in Preview is quick and doesn’t require a browser. To delete pages from a PDF on a Mac, follow these steps.

  1. Open your PDF in the Preview app.
  2. Select the page you want to delete.
  3. If you don’t see the sidebar to select a page, choose View > Thumbnails.
  4. Press Delete or choose Edit from the menu bar and then Delete.

Your unnecessary PDF pages will be deleted, as well as the annotations attached to those pages. You can now go ahead to interact with or share your PDF as usual on your Mac.

How to remove PDF pages on a Mac using an online editor.

Acrobat online services offer another simple way to delete pages from PDF on your Mac. Simply follow these steps.

  1. Use a browser of your choice to navigate to Acrobat’s delete PDF pages tool.
  2. Click the blue button labeled “Select a file” or drag and drop the PDF into the drop zone.
  3. Sign in to Adobe or another service to continue.
  4. To delete more than one page at once, select each page and then click the trash can in the top toolbar.

You can now save, rename the file, and download the file or share it with others via a link or email.

If you want to do more than delete pages while the page thumbnails are visible, you can also rotate pages clockwise or counterclockwise and reorder pages in the PDF.

Your PDF is now ready for the next phase of your project. Discover what else you can do with Acrobat online services.