How to find and replace text in Word.

Fix typos and mistakes throughout entire documents in a few clicks. Learn how you can find and replace text in Word.

Say you finish writing a 50-page Word document — and then come to find you’ve misspelled a person’s last name throughout the entire file. Fortunately, you can fix the mistake quickly with Word’s automatic text replacement feature. Read on and learn how to find and replace text in Word.

Correct spelling mistakes in seconds.

You can find and replace text in Word with just a couple of clicks. Follow these steps:

  1. Launch Word and open your document.
  2. Select the Home tab from the top toolbar. This is Word’s default view so you may already be in the tab.
  3. Select Replace from the Editing section.
  4. Type the word or phrase you want to find in the Find What field.
  5. Type the new text in the Replace With field.
  6. Select Replace to go through the replacements one by one or Replace All to update the entire text at once.

If you’d like to fine-tune your text replacement settings, select the More button. This opens the Search Settings where you can change the search parameters. For example, you can limit the search to only lower- or uppercase words.

Protect your documents against mistakes.

Once you’ve fixed the typos in your Word document, you’re ready to share it. You can make sure further mistakes can’t creep in by converting the Word file into a PDF document with Adobe Acrobat. PDF documents also work on any device, which makes them easy and convenient to share.

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