How to secure your PDF documents.

Safely share PDFs with sensitive information. Encrypt your documents with passwords for security and peace of mind.

When sharing PDFs containing sensitive information, you must take measures to protect them. Whether you’re sharing tax information, business contracts, or design drafts, good document security ensures that only the appropriate people will see your PDFs.

Learn how you can secure any PDF document with Adobe Acrobat.

Protect your documents.

Launch Acrobat and navigate to the document security options by selecting Tools > Protect. Once you’ve located your PDF, set your protection settings.

You can secure your PDF in several ways. The Restrict Editing option lets you put document editing behind a password. Anyone can open and view the file, but they need to know the password to make any further edits to the PDF.

With the Encrypt option, you can secure the entire document with either a certificate or password. That means no one without the proper credentials will be able to open the PDF. You can also erase potential identifying invisible data from the document with the Remove Hidden Information option.

Once you’ve secured your document, save it as a new file and share it.

Secure documents online.

If you’re on the move, you can also secure your documents on a laptop or mobile device with Acrobat online services. Use your web browser to navigate to the Protect PDF tool, upload your document, type in a secure password, and download your PDF for safe sharing.

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