How to use Strikethrough on a PDF file.

Learn how to use the Strikethrough Text tool to cross out words, sentences, or whole paragraphs within PDF documents.

Strikethrough Text is a handy editing tool for today’s online documents, but there’s nothing modern about it. Centuries ago, scribes first used the strikethrough method as a way to indicate incorrect information when hand writing sacred texts on vellum or parchment. With a few easy clicks, you can make these marks in your documents, too — although perhaps without the same satisfaction of brushing lines of ink across a rustling page.

Quickly mark up text with the Strikethrough tool.

When using the Strikethrough Text tool, you’re simply drawing lines through text. It’s a great way to edit documents. Use it to cross out incorrect or outdated information, to remove lines or paragraphs that feel redundant, to make way for improved copy — any time one or more words need to go, for whatever reason. Here’s how to Strikethrough on a PDF file:

  1. Open your PDF in Adobe’s Acrobat online services.
  2. Select Tools, then Comment. This will bring up the Comment Toolbar.
  3. Choose the tool. The “T” with a line through it indicates the Strikethrough Text tool. Click to select.
  4. Apply. Drag your cursor over the text you want to mark.

When you finish with the Strikethrough tool, you can simply deselect it from the menu to stop using it. Then you can add comments pertaining to your markups, or you can edit the PDF to make any necessary changes. When you’re all set, download a copy for safekeeping or share it with others.

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